Recording of mindFly webinar 21st May20, Why pilot’s don’t speak up?

Why pilots don't speak up
  • What can make a pilot speak up?
  • Organizations that help people locate their sense of threat on the speaking up continuum build a common language for speaking up (Standard calls). As per research, teams with a common language communicate better, make decisions faster, and build a more tight-knit culture overall. 
  • Organisation policies need to be framed to empower the co-pilot
  • Neuro-leadership Institute’s (NLI) research around behavior change has shown that two other components must assist priorities: habits and systems.  Habits are the automatic, non-conscious behaviors we perform on a regular basis: brushing our teeth, stopping for a coffee, and so on. Systems are the physical or mental cues — the scaffolding — that reinforce our habits. 

About Capt. Amit Singh

I think therefore I am Airlines Operations and Safety balance expert. A former head of operations/training and safety of successful LCC's in India. An experienced member of the startup teams of these airlines has hands-on experience in establishing airlines systems and processes.

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