Final reserve fuel based on archaic data: Unsafe for future growth mindFly

The Final Reserve Fuel is based on data which is about 50 years old. With increased traffic and complexity of aircrafts as compared to earlier generation aircrafts, the pilots will

Rogue drones, do airports have a contingency plan? mindFly

United Kingdom’s second largest airport, Gatwick has been closed for the second day due to the presence of a rogue drone flying in the vicinity of the airport. Do the

Passenger safety at risk with Fire and Smoke on board

There have been over 105 incidents of fire and/or smoke on board commercial airlines in the year 2018. Crew members are protected since they have smoke hoods but passengers do

My article on Cognitive lockup published in the CAT magazine 6/2018

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Aviation Safety culture report, pilot fatigue and feedback are key issues.

Among the key findings of the work, 51 per cent of pilots surveyed reported that fatigue was not taken seriously by their airline, and 28 per cent of pilots felt

Back to Basics Flight Safety Foundation presentation 2017, Singapore

Back to basics is about revisiting the foundation. The need for conceptual knowledge and risk perception. We are able to have better understanding of the situation based on our knowledge