“noblesse oblige” for the cause of Safety

In order to ensure safety, safe practices have to become a way of life & not a chore which needs to be repeatedly performed.Complying with the bare minimum standards is not enough to ensure safety. Keep enough buffers for your personal safety & for others too.

A generative safety culture prevails when everyone feels responsible for managing their safety and that of others.

Today’s high safety standards in some countries are a direct result of long-term policies encouraging social dialogue, effective legislation and a strong prevailing safety culture.

Safety Matters Foundation is an NGO working towards building a strong foundation and establishing a generative Safety Culture. Do read the blogs, Publications and Safety Initiatives.

The French term noblesse oblige translates to “nobility obligates,” meaning that with great wealth comes the responsibility to give back to those less fortunate than oneself, not just monetarily but circumstantially. There are two main arguments explaining why people give—altruism versus self-interest. Altruism is considered a purely selfless act done for the public good, while self-interested giving implies that one gains something from performing an act of good. Either case, use the options below.

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