Month: April 2019


Adolescent risk appetite: mindFly

During risky decision making, adolescents activate the prefrontal cortex(PFC) less than adults do. The less the activity, the poorer is the risk assessment.


Is there an SOP on how to have a meal? mindFly

. Tom Cruise as Kaffee in the movie “A few good men” asks a very pertinent question during the argument over the written procedure of the code red. He asks Cpl Barnes to turn to the page in the SOP book that tells them how to get to the mess hall to which Cpl Branes …

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Genetic based learning for flight crew: mindFly

Taking an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning, as encouraged by the field of educational neuroscience, is challenging and at times controversial. Perhaps the most contentious aspect of this endeavor is the application of genetics to education and flight crew training.  


Great Corporate culture: mindFly

I have been thinking of where to begin and what should be the components of a great corporate culture that an employee can be proud of, so I browsed and compiled a few here. Vision: It begins with a vision pr a mission statement. This guides a company’s values and provides it with purpose. That …

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Cognitive revolution, Homo Sapiens: mindFly

Sapiens: A brief history of man kind by Yuvak Noah Harari About 13.5 billion years ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being what is known as the Big Bang. Homo Sapiens started to form more elaborate structures called cultures some 70,000 years ago. Three important revolutions shaped the course of history: the Cognitive …

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Artificial intelligence will replace the pilot trainer: mindFly

A trainee checks-in, uses her/his retina or facial scan to enter the training session. From day one they are assisted by virtual trainers and augmented reality to follow the training syllabus. While the ground training today has been off loaded to computer based and soon will be on the augmented reality platform, there is a …

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