Month: July 2020


Could the GPWS activation prevent Atlas Air pilot’s illusion?

The GPWS which activates warnings to alert the pilots of dangerous terrain did not activate. Could the activation of the warning pull out the copilot from the illusion?

Factual report Ukraine B737

Ukraine 752 shooting factual report, with a pinch of salt

The shooting down of the Ukraine B737 flight PS752 by the Iran air defence system during a heightened alert is a human error with disastrous consequences. The relocation of the air defence unit and the misalignment of the weapon system is said to have initiated the chain of errors. However, it is incomprehensible how departing from Iran and rising, the reasonably sized signature projectile can be considered as a threat.

Safety first half 2020

Do we have a grip on aviation safety? More unstable approaches in COVID19

There has been an Increase in the number of unstable approaches during the COVID19 period. This is an indicator that despite lower overall air traffic, unstable approach is still a threat and is not being addressed in the correct manner. It is a decision of the crew, a conscious decision to continue with an unstable approach, is debatable.

Atlas Air flight path

Atlas Air Crash report blames the First Officer, but is that the purpose?

The report has squarely blamed the First Officer for an inappropriate response to inadvertent activation of the aeroplane’s go-around mode, resulting in the spatial disorientation that led him to place the aeroplane in a steep descent from which the crew did not recover.

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