Factual report Ukraine B737

Ukraine 752 shooting factual report

The shooting down of the Ukraine B737 flight PS752 by the Iran air defence system during a heightened alert is a human error with disastrous consequences. The relocation of the air defence unit and the misalignment of the weapon system is said to have initiated the chain of errors. However, it is incomprehensible how departing from Iran and rising, the reasonably sized signature projectile can be considered as a threat.

Safety first half 2020

More unstable approaches in COVID19

There has been an Increase in the number of unstable approaches during the COVID19 period. This is an indicator that despite lower overall air traffic, unstable approach is still a threat and is not being addressed in the correct manner. It is a decision of the crew, a conscious decision to continue with an unstable approach, is debatable.

High Reliability Organisations

High Reliability Organisations

Organizations that are able to manage and sustain almost error-free performance despite operating in hazardous conditions where the consequences of errors could be catastrophic), with a positive safety culture are known as High-Reliability Organizations (HRO). ‘What distinguishes reliability-enhancing organizations, is not their absolute error or accident rate, but their effective management of innately risky technologies through organizational control of both hazard and probability