Supreme Court of India,90-day limit for suspension of govt. employees but DGCA 12months for reasonable doubt.

License suspension for varying period has now become a norm. The Honourable Supreme Court of India ruling must be taken as a bench mark for restricting the period of suspension to 90 days. The quality of reports must be improved to include other contributory causes like policies (FDTL), Fatigue, Company etc.


Non-functional SMS,some accidents are just inevitable

All systems are composed of three basic elements: people; processes; and technology. While managing safety, all three elements have to work cohesively in order to produce the desired results. The cost of workplace injuries is staggering: employers pay as much as $1 billion per week in direct and indirect workers’ compensations costs. Indirect costs include training […]


Can punishment improve safety? Suspended licenses of Indian Pilots

Introduction After a recent spike in the number of flight safety related incidents in India involving runway excursions, the regulator resorted to suspending the flying license of crew without giving the specific reason or determining the root cause. The dialogue in today’s safety world is filled with praise for just culture with criticism for terms […]


FAA issues safety alert, you need extra safety margin for landing on wet runway

The recent spate of runway excursions at Indian airports may have multiple contributory causes including but not limited to : Piloting technique Tail winds Runway condition wet/contaminated Runway friction level Psychological pressures The pilots are required to calculate the landing distance of the aircraft based on the aircraft condition , environmental factors and runway conditions. […]