Comair crashed while AirIndia timely rejected takeoff

The discoverers of ‘place cells’ in the brain won the Nobel prize in 2014. Who would have ever imagined that there was a GPS-like system in the brain? When the GPS fails safety is compromised & accidents happen. The Comair CRJ aircraft took off from the wrong runway & crashed. Air Arabia A320 turned towards …

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Spatial orientation

Method for managing aircraft using airspace managing system: Guest Author, Gurprit Singh

While writing the traffic electronically on this prototype at the same time it not only double checks all the parameters a controller writes that too simultaneously correct for level corrections or route clearances errors if any and which is the best part of the invention as its give’s enhancement to safety.


Toxic Cabin air, the cause of neurological problems

long-term–low-level (LTLL) contamination, such as that to which aircrew are exposed, has been shown to be more injurious than short-term acute exposure. Aircrew breathe
the low-level toxicity every minute of their working days. When an aircraft lands the passengers disembark, but the crew turn around and do it all over again, time and time again. Perhaps there has too much emphasis on fume events, while the real damage is being done by LTLL.

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