RASE AVIATION Data Base (mindFul OMC)

The aim of RASE is to create a simple and open platform where safety-related experiences can be shared across work groups in aviation and other industries.

Valuable personal experiences when shared with others will create an additional layer of defence against hazards.

Safety Matters Foundation is a non-governmental organisation to establish a generative safety culture.

This is not a mandatory occurrence reporting platform but is meant for informal information sharing. Search the databases to view matching results.

Aviation Search based on Reporter (e.g. Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, ATCO…)/ IATA Airport Code/Aircraft Type

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Try it out: e.g. type “DELHI/ANCHORAGE” or “A320/SU35/Mig”or “Flight Crew/ATCO”, and you will get real time search results.

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RASE Aviation Data Base