Month: October 2019


My presentation @EATS Berlin 2019

View my presentation at the recently concluded European Airline Training Symposium 2019


Yoga breath control for recovery from startle & shock

The startle reflex is the first response to a sudden, intense stimulus. It triggers an involuntary physiological reflex, such as blinking of the eyes, an increased heart rate and an increased tension of the muscles. Once that moment passes, it is necessary that we consciously release the contraction from the diaphragm. If we do not, the contraction (at this point, a fixation) in the diaphragm will persist, and will continue to keep us in a state of shock, during which the body cannot heal tissue or perform vital functions.


Nidhidyasan the path to sustainable learning

In this life where change is the only constant, it is vital to keep a watch on your mind and all that it holds. If you do not change – you perish. Refusal to change stems from ignorance. Such ignorance also stems from holding on to irrelevant data, information or knowledge. The only way to check your ignorance is through Nidhidhyasan.

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