mindFly is about a beautiful mind. It is said that we devote 47% of our thinking time about non-related issues. I am trying to link this beautiful mind with aviation-related accidents/incidents and other training scenarios. The mind makes us believe the unbelievable, we act and make decisions based on certain perceived circumstances that we believe are true.

Human factors account for nearly 80% of all accidents in aviation. While investigations tend to be too technical, there has not been many efforts devoted to understanding the insights of the human mind which led to behavior modification.

mindFly is about awareness of our strengths and limitations so that we remain mindful and make informed decisions.

The author

Capt Amit Singh is the author of posts on mindFly. Having been in the industry for 30 years, he has hands-on experience in working for both legacy and LCC’s. He has been associated with 3 startup airlines in Asia, Southeast Asia and has developed systems and processes from scratch.

A fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Amit has written a number of  papers and articles. He is an active speaker at a number of aviation Safety & Training forums.