Spatial orientation

Comair crashed while AirIndia timely rejected takeoff

The discoverers of ‘place cells’ in the brain won the Nobel prize in 2014. Who would have ever imagined that there was a GPS-like system in the brain? When the GPS fails safety is compromised & accidents happen. The Comair CRJ aircraft took off from the wrong runway & crashed. Air Arabia A320 turned towards …

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Mindfulness, West adopting Eastern methods

Distraction, loss of concentration, carelessness and loss of attention are causal factors in a number of aviation occurrences. This is because the mind is either preoccupied with too many thoughts or inability to focus our attention at the right moment by decluttering our mind. Recent incidents of erroneous takeoff performance or approach on the wrong landing surface are a few examples. A 100tonne error in aircraft weight by the crew of AirFrance cargo in Paris or the crew of Air Canada who flew an approach on the taxiway with 4 aircrafts with almost a 1000 passengers lives at stake, being present in the situation is extremely important.

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