The Memorandum of Understanding

  1. The name of the trust shall be “ Safety Matters”
  2. The registered office of the trust is 143, Vista Villas, Green Wood City, Gurgaon, Haryana
    122003, India
  3. The aims and objectives of the trust shall be as under:
    3.1. To promote safety culture in all industry using any forms of transportation.
    3.2.To create and manage an Aviation Safety Reporting System.
    3.3.To assist individuals and organizations to build trust and healthy relationship in the industry
    which promotes safety.
    3.4.To take up the cause of safety and represent individuals at various forums where they
    would need expert assistance.
    3.5.To identify areas of concern in the industry and seek or offer legal assistance for
    enhancing safety matters in the industry.
    3.6.To disseminate knowledge and training for better understanding of safety culture for the
    3.7.To increase awareness about the concept of safety and safety culture amongst the users
    of all forms of transportation.
    3.8.To promote, guide, co-ordinate, organize, finance and conduct research and experimental
    work in all aspects of safety to be of benefit to the industry and the users.
    3.9.To provide training facilities to staff working in the trust.
    3.10.To publish books, monographs, periodicals and papers concerning safety in every field
    and regarding the trust’s work.
    3.11.To maintain close association and co-operation among individuals and institutions
    devoted to enhancing safety and training.
    3.12.For more effectively carrying out the above objectives, to seek affiliation with international
    institutions or societies formed for promoting the above objectives.
    3.13.In accordance with law, to buy, purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise
    acquire any movable or immovable property of any tenure or description and any estate or
    interest therein and any rights or privileges which the trust may think necessary or
    convenient for the promotion of its objectives, and to construct, maintain and alter any
    building or erections necessary or convenient for the work of the trust.
    3.14.To receive and accept donations, gifts, grants or contributions in cash or kind from any
    person or persons, association, society, company, authority or Government for the
    furtherance of the aims and objects of the Society and upon such terms and conditions as
    the trust in its absolute discretion may think fit.
    3.15.To engage, employ and remunerate persons for carrying on the work of the trust on such
    terms and conditions as may be deemed fit and determined from time to time by the trust.
    3.16.To receive, undertake and execute any trusts and to take over institutions which may
    lawfully be undertaken and taken over by the trust and may be conducive to its objects.
    3.17.To borrow or raise money for the purpose of carrying out the aims and objects of the
    trust on such terms and by giving such security as may be determined from time to time.
    3.18.Provide monetary assistance in the shape of stipends, scholarships, grants or other
    assistance or otherwise for enabling meritorious and deserving individuals toa.
    Pursue higher education in India or outside
    b. Provide stipend to deserving individuals who out perform in their field of study
    c. Convert their ideas and projects to reality
    Following are the members of the trust: