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Aviation Safety culture report, pilot fatigue and feedback are key issues.

Among the key findings of the work, 51 per cent of pilots surveyed reported that fatigue was not taken seriously by their airline, and 28 per cent of pilots felt that they had insufficient numbers of staff to carry out their work safely.

A total of 7,239 pilots from across European nations participated in the European pilots’ perceptions of safety culture in European Aviation survey, approximately 14 per cent of Europe’s total commercial pilot population, in the largest ever survey of commercial pilots on safety culture.

Safety culture is the way things are done in an organisation. There has to be a good working relationship between the management and the employees in order to establish a good safety culture which can be in the generative stage at the highest level, thus being a win win situation for both.


Turkish A-330 Runway excursion at KTM due to cognitive lockup:March 2015

Landing on an unstable approach or failure to go around when runway is not in sight is a weakness that humans have. Humans deal with tasks sequentially. The failure to switch tasks even though the second task is more important is known as Cognitive Lockup. Read my view on this aspect which is a factor in unstable approach and runway excursions.


AirIndia Express Obstacle Contact After Takeoff:mindFly

Prima facie, the AirIndia Express incident is intriguing. The aircraft on the left is the one involved in the incident of contact with obstacle after takeoff. 1. Both aircraft have the similar acceleration to 130kts. They cover roughly the same distance. Their mass may vary but for the same ground speed, the distance seems to …

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My Aircraft Collection @mindFly

My First Aircraft and the most difficult to fly. Life became easier after i learn’t to fly this one. The Trinidad TB-20 at IGRUA. First exposure to modern day cockpit. First twin engine aircraft experience. Well, two engines means more thrust but loss of an engine means more sweat. The mouse that roared. A noisy …

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