Non-functional SMS,some accidents are just inevitable

All systems are composed of three basic elements: people; processes; and technology. While managing safety, all three elements have to work cohesively in order to produce the desired results. The cost of workplace injuries is staggering: employers pay as much as $1 billion per week in direct and indirect workers’ compensations costs. Indirect costs include training […]

Flight path

Need for Scientific risk assessment,6E-11 A320 NEO Engine failure:mindFly

The A-320 NEO PW engines have been plagued with engine failures ever since they were launched. While the Indian DGCA restricted the flights over water to mitigate the risk of ditching, their risk assessment apparently did not cover flights over mountains. On 29th March 2019, 6E11 on route from Delhi to Istanbul suffered an Engine […]


Turkish A-330 Runway excursion at KTM due to cognitive lockup:March 2015

Landing on an unstable approach or failure to go around when runway is not in sight is a weakness that humans have. Humans deal with tasks sequentially. The failure to switch tasks even though the second task is more important is known as Cognitive Lockup. Read my view on this aspect which is a factor in unstable approach and runway excursions.