Safety Culture Survey


Safety Matters is a Non Governmental Organisation dedicated towards establishing a generative safety culture, where every one feels responsible for safety of themselves and others. The first step is to conduct a large scale survey to determine where we stand at the moment, as a baseline value.

The survey period is from 7th Oct till 2359 UTC 7th Nov 2020.

No personal or digital data will be recorded. Please assist us by taking out some time to complete the survey which is divided in 8 parts & will take approx.07 minutes to complete.

Safety Culture is the set of enduring values and
attitudes regarding safety, shared by every member from
every level of an organization

Safety culture has been shown to be a key predictor of safety performance. It is the difference between a safe organization and one waiting for an accident to happen.

The promotion of a positive safety culture starts at the top of the organization with visible safety leadership from the Accountable Executive. It is communicated through the safety policy and through training and other promotional material. It needs constant reinforcement so it becomes the way the organization does business.

The effectiveness of a safety culture can be assessed and monitored through the use of tangible metrics. A safety culture survey is an important tool to determine the safety culture. Thank you for your co-operation.


Best Regards & God Speed.

Capt. Amit Singh FRAeS author of mindFly blogs for Safety Matters

Part 1


Part 2

Section A: Safety Policy

Section B: Safety Commitment

Section C: Safety Communications

Section D: Safety training and promotion

Section E: Safety risk management:

Section F: Safety management and reporting

Section G: Working environment

Section H: Overall Assessment of Safety Culture

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