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Multi-Crew Pilot License, India needs better preparedness to adopt the change

The Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) was adopted by ICAO in 2006 with an amendment in the ICAO Annex-1. India has still not implemented the change. India has been following the traditional prescriptive training methodology with very few changes over the years. The idiom “Don’t fix it until it breaks” fits well in the Indian context. …

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Mindfulness in aviation, the essence that west is slowly adopting:mindFly

Distraction, loss of concentration, carelessness and loss of attention are causal factors in a number of aviation occurrences. This is because the mind is either preoccupied with too many thoughts or inability to focus our attention at the right moment by decluttering our mind. Recent incidents of erroneous takeoff performance or approach on the wrong landing surface are a few examples. A 100tonne error in aircraft weight by the crew of AirFrance cargo in Paris or the crew of Air Canada who flew an approach on the taxiway with 4 aircrafts with almost a 1000 passengers lives at stake, being present in the situation is extremely important.

Focus vs Distraction

The brain might block the Go-Around call by the Co-Pilot & the Driver might not see traffic ahead

The brain has a filtering mechanism which blocks certain sensory inputs while allowing others. In this process they could be endangering the system by blocking certain warnings or cautions triggered by the other sensory inputs.


Unacceptable if AirIndia Express accident report blames the crew

By emphasizing ‘Who Caused the Accident?’ rather than ‘What Might Have Prevented It?’, investigation authorities engage in weighing causes and, therefore, weighing blame. Causal summaries identify the individuals and organizations that seem to be most at fault, balancing between probable cause and contributing factors.

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