Airbus runway overrun protection fault inhibited when the systems is deployed, is it logical?

The Runway Overrun Protection System (ROPS) is designed to alert the flight crew in the case of potential runway overrun situation. The overrun warning (ROW) function automatically arms at 400ft AGL and works until start of braking. The Runway overrun protection (ROP) works from start of braking until the aircraft stops. The surprising part is […]


Catastrophic, had an engine failed during takeoff at Trichy

Air India Express flight IX-611,a Boeing 737-800, VT-AYD 11th Oct 2018 suffered an accident soon after getting airborne. During takeoff roll, the Captain’s seat recline lock failed and the seat reclined. This resulted in an inadvertent action on the throttles pulling them back inadvertently. The thrust reduced from 98% N1 to 77% N1 and the […]