Low fuel

Vistara low fuel incident investigation finds faults with DGCA, FSD oversight, and the Operators policies

Traditionally the flight crew has been the easy target in the blame game that ensues after an incident. In this case the regulator and operator too are indicted.

Focus vs Distraction

The brain might block the Go-Around call by the Co-Pilot & the Driver might not see traffic ahead

The brain has a filtering mechanism which blocks certain sensory inputs while allowing others. In this process they could be endangering the system by blocking certain warnings or cautions triggered by the other sensory inputs.

Factual report Ukraine B737

Ukraine 752 shooting factual report, with a pinch of salt

The shooting down of the Ukraine B737 flight PS752 by the Iran air defence system during a heightened alert is a human error with disastrous consequences. The relocation of the air defence unit and the misalignment of the weapon system is said to have initiated the chain of errors. However, it is incomprehensible how departing from Iran and rising, the reasonably sized signature projectile can be considered as a threat.

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