Method for managing aircraft using airspace managing system: Guest Author, Gurprit Singh


Abstract: While writing the traffic electronically on this prototype at the same time it not only double checks all the parameters a controller writes that too simultaneously correct for level corrections or route clearances errors if any and which is the best part of the invention as its give’s enhancement to safety. So, this prototype solves the above problem with instant corrections and gives a controller more confident in transmitting these few parameters, levels to the pilots in more professional ways as we know Human errors causes eighty percent of accidents in aviation. It also advances safety as it writes continuous heading and change of route permission like direct to a reporting point or giving left of track permission or right of track permission to a pilot due bad weather, so as he sees in radar, he can cross check which not happens on paper traffic sheets and which is the most important part of this invention. This makes the product unique and different as it is erasing human errors to least as we know the air traffic controller can distracted by various things in a very busy environment.

Published with permission from Gurprit Singh.

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