Agri Freight Krishi Udaan

The problem

The Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET), Ludhiana has estimated the annual value of harvest and post-harvest losses of major agricultural produces at national level to be of the order of Rs. 92,651 Crore calculated using production data of 2012-13 at 2014 wholesale prices.

PIB, GOI 2016

The colossal waste is due to the failed cold chain. In addition to operationalization of 4 Mega Food Parks and 29 Cold Chain Projects during 2016-17, Government has also approved setting up of 100 cold chain projects and 250 units under the scheme of creation/expansion of food processing and preservation. The projects set up under the Schemes of this Ministry are granted financial assistance at a higher rate in difficult areas and North East Region as compared to general areas.


Safety Matters Foundation is working on a Startup project to provide the last mile air connectivity to the farmers. This will help high value/perishable produce reach the markets thereby increasing their returns and reduce wastage/losses.

Hub and Spoke model

Safety Matters Foundation brings to you the opportunity to connect the farmers to domestic and global markets through the use of innovative and intelligent air transport designs. Using short takeoff/landing aircraft capable of landing on unpaved runways and a payload capacity of 2500kgs, the penetration of air transport will be deeper than any other means of transport. Using high tech GPS navigation capability and approach using Indian GAGAN satellite systems, the all weather operational capability will be enhanced.

Achieving the Government’s objectives of providing support to farmers and maximising their returns on the crops, Agri Freight Krishi Udaan will be a win win for all.

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