Katra accident report, speculative probable cause

Fuel filter

The AS350 helicopter which took off from the Katra helipad in Jammu in 2015, crashed a few minutes later. An eyewitness saw a fire, some saw smoke, bird but the AAIB investigation eliminated everything except the bird. They drew 3 possible scenarios of a bird strike speculative that could permanently temporarily incapacitate the pilot leading to the accident. Finally, they chose one and closed the investigation.

Some very obvious clues and cues were disregarded. Basic investigative techniques were not used probably, they had already decided the course of action.

Read my technical report here

After the Ghatkopar King Air C90 accident, I had submitted a technical report and on account of new evidence asked the Civil Aviation Ministry to reinvestigate the accident under clause 15 of the Aircraft (Investigation of Accidents and Incidents) Rules, 2017 by instituting a court of inquiry.

There has been no response from the MoCA. Nevertheless, I submitted the 2nd report and am working on a third one. I hope that there is a collective effort to improve the system and we all benefit from it.

Read the AAIB accepted report here

Compare the VT-JKB engine blade with an NTSB report of Engine Fail accident

The final report states that the engines were developing power at impact. Compare with the lower image which is from an NTSB accident reports of an AS350 due engine fail. The blade damage pattern are similar.

Turbine blades Lower (VT-JKB), Upper example of burn

The report states that the marks on the blades are rub marks but the pattern are overheat marks.

Left VT-JKB fuel filter, Right is a new filter

The final report states that the fuel clog indicator pop up was due to impact and the filer was clean. Compare it yourself.

There are many more holes in the report, use the link above to review.

Cognitive, Safety, Accident are al interrelated.

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