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7 min Safety Culture Survey

Safety Matters is a Non-Governmental Organisation formed with the objective of building a generative safety culture. A non profit organisation based in India who’s principal trustee is Capt. Amit Singh FRAeS. A commercial airline pilot with over 30 years of commercial airline experience and over 14,000hrs logged on wide body as well as single aisle aircraft. Amit has been associated with two successful startup airlines, IndiGo and AirAsia. Having established Safety systems and managing Operations & Training, Amit has been a member of the senior management of the two airlines. Amit is a Human Factors blogger and an active speaker at Training and Safety forums around the globe.

Generative safety culture is at the top of the pyramid where everyone feels responsible for their safety and of others. Safety happens naturally.

Safety culture is the natural consequence of having humans in the aviation system. Safety culture has been described as “how people behave in relation to safety and risk when no one is watching”. It is an expression of how safety is perceived, valued and prioritized by management and employees in an organization.

Annex 19 requires that both States and service providers promote a positive safety culture with the aim of fostering effective safety management implementation through the SSP/SMS. Safety performance indicators set by the operator can be measured in a number of ways like studies, data analysis, surveys, audits and recommendations from investigations.


The objectives of the Safety Culture Survey are as follows:
1.To identify the strategic strengths and limitations of the industry’s safety culture.
2. To measure, against a baseline of employees, supervisors and managers, the trends in perceptions and attitudes of employees in different sectors of the industry.
3. To measure the changes in perception and attitude trends against each participating company’s own baseline.
4. To provide recommendations to industry leaders on specific actions, initiatives or systems based on the results of the survey.

The Survey

Safety Matters initiated the survey on 7th Oct 2020 and will end on 7th Nov 2020. The subjects of the survey include the following:

Flight Deck Crew

Cabin crew



Operations Control Center

Air Traffic Control

Ground Handling

The survey does not ask for any personal details nor does it record any personal data. It is designed to be completed in approx. 07 minutes and consists of 32 questions under 08 parts. The questions have been organised in line with the principles of the Safety Management System. The choice of answers is designed with the Likert scale in the drop-down menu to provide a qualitative assessment of the survey results. The choices range from Strongly Disagree(1) to Strongly Agree(5) with No Opinion(3) as the median.

Part A Safety Policy

Part B Safety Commitment

Part C Safety Communications

Part D Safety Training and Promotion

Part E Safety Risk Management

Part F Safety Management and Reporting

Part G Working Environment

Part H Overall assessment of Safety Culture


The survey closes on the 7th Nov 2020 and the results will be announced on the 27th Nov 2020. The results will be posted on the Safety Matters website and social media sites. It would be our endeavour to share the results of the survey with as many regulators and policymakers so that the data could be used to determine the current state of safety and to implement any changes to enhance safety culture if required.

Please use this link to open and complete the survey form.

Thank you for your interest and contribution towards safety.


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