1 mile 215kts, who was flying PK-8303?

FInal Approach segment

If the data provided by Flightradar24 is correct, still it is unbelievable. There must be something more to it. The aircraft was flown high on approach and virtually plummeted down during the final approach segment. Nearing the runway when aircraft should be around 140 kts, PK-8303 was 215 kts.

FlightRadar24 data

The data if believed to be true, gives new insights to what could have happened to PK8303. Who was flying this approach if the assumption is that there was no unreliable airspeed or any other anomaly.

The speed through out the approach seems to be in the range of 230-215 till about 300 ft. Thereafter the speed drops to about 187 over the runway.

What was the cognitive state of the crew and the pilot in command will only be revealed by the investigation? There is no need to look for what happened after the go-around.

PK8303 Calibrated Altitude Graph
Flight profile

Truly a very sad moment.

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