Survey on roll reversal errors in aviation

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This is a safety-related study with the objective of understanding the reasons for roll reversal errors.Roll reversal errors (steering the wrong way, i.e. making a bank angle steeper rather than recovering from it).

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Spatial disorientation continues to be a serious safety risk, as it was estimated to have contributed to 12 % of loss of control accidents in transport and commuter aircraft, and 24 % of fatalities between 1996 and 2010 (Belcastro et al., 2017).

Human factors from avionics perspective, include being intuitive in order to simplify tasks and reduce the pilot workload. The ultimate goal would be to eliminate error attributed to humans.

A task can be described with terms like difficult, hard to do, challenging, complicated or complex. Operators, training instructors, human factors specialists, and researchers describe scenarios in similar terminology.

Intuitively we know that if a scenario is described as complex this can mean that it is hard to understand what is going on and that it is hard to identify and to implement a good solution.

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