Inattentional blindness; presentation @ISASI2019


It was an honour present to at the 50th anniversary of the ISASI 2019. ISASI is a society formed to promote air safety by the exchange of ideas, experiences and information about aircraft accident investigations, and to aid in the advancement of flight safety.

My presentation on “Inattentional blindness during visual approach” was very well received by the organizer and some 450 attendees. A copy of the the presentation is in the link below.

The full presentation

Human factor being a contributory cause in over 80% of accidents, there is a need for investigations to direct more resources to determine causes.

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I think therefore I am Airlines Operations and Safety balance expert. A former head of operations/training and safety of successful LCC's in India. An experienced member of the startup teams of these airlines has hands-on experience in establishing airlines systems and processes.

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