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There are two pilot learners. One joins the competency-based training, MPL program and the other follows the conventional pilot’s course. Both learners graduate and begin flying with respective airlines. After flying for a couple of years, do the two learners retain their initial learnings or do their learnings get diluted due to the influences and habits formed online? The future challenges will involve technology or Artificial Intelligence as another learner in the ecosystem. Therefore there is a need for a paradigm shift in the learning process which creates an environment for sustainable learning and includes AI as an active learner.

There is an enduring debate about standardization and being perfect or being a thinker. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), designers and manufacturers are looking at achieving the goal of mass production of standardized thinking products.

Can you guess which one of the paintings below was not drawn by a human?

Guess which one has been painted by a machine

Learning takes place in an ecosystem. The psycho-social aspects are equally important as the learning environment and the tools of learning. Higher order thinking also requires that certain basic needs are met prior to moving up on the learning scale.

Sustainable learning involves all five of the ATRiUM capabilities: active learning, thinking, relating to others, using language, symbol systems, and ICT; and managing self; and, draws on the adaptability and flexibility of humans in an increasingly uncertain world.

ATRiUM capabilities and five dimensions of human learners

The drawback of the current training methodology is that they view the trainee in isolation. The psycho-social aspects are not built into the learning process. Humans are social animals and their behavior is affected by their interaction with society. Humans will increasingly interact with artificial intelligence during learning and when operating systems online. There is a need to pay attention to the elephant in the room. There is a need to learn from the pitfalls of being sidestepped by automation in the previous century and take AI and deep learning as a part of the learning group.

The painting “F” has not been drawn by a human.

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