U.S. Army Shakes Up Pilot Training Programs: mindFly

Best of both worlds

The new generation of pilots is facing the dilemma of handling increasing levels of automation. They are not being able to retain the skills of flying to deal with automation failures.

The Multi Pilot License program drastically reduced real-time flying and replaced it with flight simulator flying. But it’s not the solution. It is a concept which focuses on the multi-crew concept more than the holistic development of a pilots personality.

The U.S. Army is downgrading technology in its new Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota fleet. This is so that student pilots can master basic flying skills. Even though the modern helicopter automatically performs those tasks. But concurrent with the service’s old-school methods of inculcating these skills, it is revolutionizing its training. They are using virtual reality and classified scenarios, which helps Fort Rucker, Alabama, prepare aviators for multi-domain fights. 

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Airlines too need to give more time to trainees on the real aircraft on what is called the base training. This will give them confidence in handling the aircraft. Handling normal flight but different modes and levels of flight without automation.

The feel of real flying needs to be brought back. The airlines need to spend more time, money and effort during the foundation levels of training. The amalgamation of good old stick and rudder combined with artificial intelligence offers the solution. This is what the industry has been looking for.

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