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I have been thinking of where to begin and what should be the components of a great corporate culture that an employee can be proud of, so I browsed and compiled a few here.

  1. Vision: It begins with a vision pr a mission statement. This guides a company’s values and provides it with purpose. That purpose, in turn, orients every decision and employee makes. This is the foundation of culture.
  2. Values: Vision articulates a company’s purpose, values offer a set of guidelines on behavoural mindset needed to achieve that vision.
  3. Practices: Values are of little importance unless they are enshrined in the company’s practices. If people are our greatest assets then the company should be ready to invest in people in visible ways.
  4. People: No company can build a culture without people who either share its core values or pass the willingness and ability.
  5. Narrative: There corporate history should be recorded so that people people have a story to tell and relate to . There should be a unique history which could be a USP or a differentiator.
  6. Place: The geography, architecture or aesthetic design impacts the values and behaviour of the employees. Everyone feels proud of a great campus or a unique design.


These are some components which play an important role in the behaviour of an employee and builds their self confidence. It might not have a direct correlation with their performance but surely motivates them and keeps their self esteem high.

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I think therefore I am Airlines Operations and Safety balance expert. A former head of operations/training and safety of successful LCC's in India. An experienced member of the startup teams of these airlines has hands-on experience in establishing airlines systems and processes.

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