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Need for Scientific risk assessment,6E-11 A320 NEO Engine failure:mindFly

The A-320 NEO PW engines have been plagued with engine failures ever since they were launched. While the Indian DGCA restricted the flights over water to mitigate the risk of ditching, their risk assessment apparently did not cover flights over mountains. On 29th March 2019, 6E11 on route from Delhi to Istanbul suffered an Engine […]


Using Simulator data for evaluation and safety performance: mindFly

Every flight crew involved in an accident/incident is flying the aircraft due to the fact that they have undergone the necessary training and have demonstrated their proficiency/competency. Since the flight crew is the last line of defense and as Prof. Patrick Hudson puts it is the first person at the scene of the accident/incident. The […]


Boeing’s design change process:mindFly

All aircraft, engines, and propellers must meet and maintain minimum standards for design, material, construction, quality of work and performance before they can be produced and operated. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires each contracting state to adopt airworthiness standards for the design and performance of aeronautical products. States must ensure that aircraft, including […]


Production vs Protection,India to fly the Max despite announcing the grounding plan: mindFly

It seems that the notorious MCAS may not be the primary cause of the accident of the Ethiopian Airline B-737 max. I was consoling myself that its never too late for India to announce the grounding of B-737 Max after every other country had done so. India reluctantly followed suit. The ministry of civil aviation […]