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Automation is being debated as an area of concern today. Allegations that the pilot’s manual handling skills are being eroded due to automation are quite common. My view is that, instructional design of the learning content requires that content should be modified to include areas which require attention or priority in learning.
We focus our efforts on teaching “use of automation” in most cases. Experts believe that the user needs to know the following:
  1. Use
  2. Misuse
  3. Disuse
  4. Abuse

The poll is to find out if better or in-depth understanding of the behaviour and function/design of automation is required to keep the pilot motivated?

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We learn about design and functioning of the instruments, generic and specific during our foundation and recurrent training. A number of them are obsolete or not relevant. Should automation be included as a separate subject to give it importance and for better understanding or increase the content in every subject where automation is involved.

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