Turkish A-330 Runway excursion at KTM due to cognitive lockup:March 2015

Landing on an unstable approach or failure to go around when runway is not in sight is a weakness that humans have. Humans deal with tasks sequentially. The failure to

The Social Animal conformist factor behind Jet Airways B-777 serious incident at LHR

Humans are social animals and we like to conform to what others do or say. The Captain had made an error but not the Co-Pilot, yet she changed her behaviour

Who is responsible for the dismal aviation safety record of 2018?

2018 has been a dismal year in terms of flight safety. Subjectivity in training and checking is the root cause of failure of the system. The data entering the system

Flydubai Boeing 737-800 stopped after attempting to take off at Moscow airport

The flyDubai B-737 attempted takeoff without clearance while a Russian Aeroflot A330 was crossing the runway. Euro Control has introduced Runway Status Lights being used at Paris airport, which is

Erroneous takeoff performance: El Al flight takes off with a 40Tonne error@mindFly

The El Al B-789 managed to get airborne safely despite the 40 Tonne error in weight while calculating the takeoff performance. I have written a paper on how and why humans